Strobe Lightbanks

Chimera Lightbanks:  Setting the standard for 30+ years!

More than 30 years ago, the team at Chimera created the first Illuminata Lightbank, giving photographers the power to create beautiful studio quality light while on location.  And we keep pushing ourselves, looking for new ways to improve the products you depend on every day.

Choose from a variety of Chimera Lightbanks.

Chimera is proud to offer a wide variety of Lightbanks, each designed to help you achieve perfect light in each and every shot.  We’ve got the perfect Lightbank to fit any project, from tiny 12” x 16” Lightbanks for on-the-go photography, to enormous 15 ft. x 40 ft. Overhead Lightbanks for illuminating large automotive subjects!  They all come with a standard diffusion front screen, made with our exclusive anti-aging, anti-static material that provides ideal light transmission.  There are four kinds of Lightbanks available:

  • Super PRO and PRO II Lightbanks are the strobe lightbanks traditionally used by professional photographers.
  • Shallow-depth Lightbanks take up less room and make it easier to work in small spaces—most significantly when working with the medium and large sizes.
  • Strip Lightbanks provide very narrow even lighting.
  • OctaPlus Lightbanks offer big, bold and beautiful light for everything from fashion to architectural interiors.

Over the years, we’ve vastly improved the quality of fabrics used in our Lightbanks.

Our new fabrics are much more resistant to the effects of heat, age and pollution.  The color temperature of our Lightbanks is near neutral, and built to stay that way.  In fact, we guarantee your Lightbank will maintain its original specifications for five years from the date of manufacture, and that includes fabric and workmanship!

  • Compatible with a wide variety of lights.
  • Ready for shooting in minutes.
  • Available in a range of interior fabrics – Silver, White or Soft Silver.
  • Removable internal baffle included.
  • Available in two differently designed front screens:  A recessed front screen (Super PRO Lightbank) to control lens flare and a front screen that is flush to the edges  (PRO II Lightbank) for a softer edge transfer.

Strobe Lightbanks are compatible with the extensive line of Chimera accessories:

  • Barn Doors
  • Lighttools® Soft Egg Crate® Fabric Grids
  • Honeycomb Metal Grids
  • Color Correction Screens
  • Bobbinette Scrims
  • Light Shapers®