Speed Rings for Strobe



When it comes to photography, there are almost as many different kinds of lights, as there are subjects to shoot!  So when Chimera invented Strobe Speed Rings—which made it easy for photographers to create perfect light using any lighting instrument— it revolutionized the industry!

No matter what kind of lighting instrument you’re using, Chimera has a Speed Ring that’s absolutely ideal. But no matter which you choose, they all rotate, so it’s easy to achieve the perfect position.  And except for Standard Speed Rings, they’re all made from high grade 6061/T6 aircraft aluminum, giving you long lasting strength and durability.

There are four categories of Chimera Speed Rings, which are the cornerstone of the Chimera System:

  • Standard Speed Rings: Constructed of lightweight composite material.  An economical choice!
  • Aluminum Speed Rings:  Available in a wide range of sizes, so you can always place your light in an ideal position. 
  • Quick Release Rings: This revolutionary, patented Quick Release Speed Ring makes it easy to set up and take down Lightbanks and softboxes.  It lets you move Lightbanks around the set quickly and easily—even through doors and tight spots—without having to disassemble the Lightbank.  And while the Quick Release Speed Ring costs a little bit more than regular “fixed” Speed Rings, you’ll save time and have fewer headaches!  It’s a great investment for any lighting professional. 
  • OctaPlus Rings: These Speed Rings are designed specifically for use with Chimera OctaPlus Lightbanks, but can also be used with Standard Lightbanks.


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